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How do I order a spare or replacement key?
- You lost all keys:

a.If the motorcycle doesn’t have an immobilizer system, you need to get the motorcycle to the service center along with the registration or ownership papers, and you will receive a replacement key. 

b.If the motorcycle has an immobilizer system: ECU, Ignition Lock, seat lock, tank lock, and keys need replacement. You must get the motorcycle and the registration or ownership papers.

 - You have a working spare key: 

a.If the motorcycle doesn’t have an immobilizer system, you must get the working spare key along with the motorcycle’s registration or ownership papers.
b.If the motorcycle has an immobilizer system, you must get the motorcycle along with its key and registration or ownership papers.

Where can I obtain an owner's manual or service booklet for my Bike?
The owner’s manual is handed to the owner at the time of purchase of his/her new motorcycle. The owner’s manual contains a service schedule. If an owner’s manual is lost or requested for any other reason, we can order it just like any other part.
What kind of gasoline should I utilize in my Bike?
Usually 98 Octane performs better in high compression engines, due to its resistance to per-ignition. Though 95 Octane can also be used and doesn’t harm the engine, we usually prefer to 98 Octane.
Where can I take a motorcycle riding class?
Contact us to get all details.
I have an older model Kawasaki. Are parts and accessories available?
Depending on the motorcycle’s model year, parts may not always be available in stock. In this case we can make a special order request.
When do I need to service my bike for oil change
Servicing schedules can differ significantly by motorcycle categories. Every motorcycle comes with an owner’s manual which is the responsibility of the owner to read. Usually the common maintenance procedures are told to the customer upon purchase.
I have questions regarding my loan. Who can I contact?
You can always contact our sales team in all branches.
Can I transfer the warranty?
The warranty is chassis related, not personal related.
Will it void my warranty if I do my own services or have my own mechanic do them?
The warranty will be lost if the motorcycle has been serviced outside the Kawasaki Service Center.
Where do I get information regarding recalls?
When we receive recall information, all owners of the indicated VIN’s will be noted.
How do I return items?
Accessories can be exchanged within 15 days of purchase, under certain conditions. Contact us for further information.
How long do I have to exchange an item?
Items can be exchanged in 15 days only.
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